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Contact Us
We look forward to working with you!  Feel free to
call anytime 24 a day 7 days a week or send us a e-mail
Brian D Halis is extremely honest & a top notch sales
Negotiator. Which is very important ,To bring the
Buyer’s & Seller’s together. Since 1995 in this area.
 I will always do my best to treat everyone with honor & respect.
To follow the golden rule. Thank you for your time & consideration.
I will do my best to meet all your real Estate Needs.

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Or give us a call at 989-539-8888 Office  24/ 7
Cell Number 998-339-7932

4 Seasons Realty LLC
P.O. Box 857 5489 E. Cranberry Lk rd
Harrison, Mi. 48625

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